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Understanding Used Semi Truck Warranties

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When purchasing a used semi-truck, securing a warranty is a crucial step that can protect your investment and provide significant peace of mind. OTS Truck Centers has partnered with Truck Master Warranty to offer customizable semi-truck warranty options that cover critical components. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of investing in a semi-truck warranty and how it supports the longevity and reliability of your truck.

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Benefits of Semi-Truck Extended Warranty Coverage

Opting for a semi-truck warranty can safeguard your investment and support your business by ensuring your used semi-truck remains a reliable asset. Here are the key benefits:

  • Increases Resale Value: Extended warranties can significantly enhance the resale value of a semi-truck, making it more attractive to potential buyers due to the reduced risk associated with purchasing a used semi-truck.
  • Provides Peace of Mind: Owners enjoy peace of mind knowing that major repairs and critical component failures are covered, alleviating the stress and uncertainty that often accompany the ownership of a high-mileage semi-truck.
  • Predictable Maintenance Budgeting: Semi-truck warranties protect against unexpected and costly repairs, allowing owners to manage maintenance budgets more predictably. This is crucial for avoiding sudden financial burdens from major repairs.
  • Saves on Costly Repairs: In cases where critical components such as the transmission fail, the warranty covers the expense, potentially saving the owner thousands of dollars and keeping your used semi-truck operational.
  • Additional Support Services: Through additional add-on options, semi-truck extended warranties can come with extra services like roadside assistance and towing.
  • Transferable Coverage: Transferable warranties add potential resale value to your semi-truck, making it a more attractive purchase for prospective buyers, ensuring that your investment in a semi-truck warranty plan continues to benefit you, even if you decide to sell your truck.

Criteria for Warranty Eligibility

All used semi-trucks must undergo a thorough expert certification process to qualify for a warranty. While Truck Master Warranty typically covers models that are 11 years old and newer, OTS Truck Centers offers an exclusive High Mileage Program that extends coverage to models that are 14 years old and newer. This unique program ensures that even older trucks can benefit from a comprehensive semi-truck warranty. The certification process includes a detailed inspection to verify that your semi-truck meets all criteria set by Truck Master Warranty. 

Customizable Warranty Options

Through our partnership with Truck Master Warranty, OTS Truck Centers offers two primary semi-truck warranty durations: a standard 90-day warranty and an extended 12-month option. These choices are designed to accommodate the diverse needs and usage patterns of owner-operators. Truck owners also have the flexibility to upgrade their coverage with optional add-ons upon request, gaining extended protection and additional benefits. This allows you to customize your semi-truck warranty coverage to suit your individual operational needs.

Tiered Semi-Truck Warranty Plans

We offer two semi-truck warranty packages to accommodate different needs and preferences, however, Truck Master has additional packages available upon request. Each package builds upon the previous, adding more components and coverage to enhance your protection.

Bronze Package: Basic Engine Components

The Bronze semi-truck warranty primarily covers the engine, which includes all internally lubricated parts. This fundamental coverage ensures the heart of your used semi-truck is protected against many potential failures, focusing on the most essential engine components. The coverage extends to necessary seals, gaskets, and fluids required for repairs, with state and local taxes included where applicable.

Gold: Exhaust After Treatment + Bronze

The Gold semi-truck warranty extends beyond the Bronze offerings to include the Exhaust After Treatment System (E.A.T.S.), which is crucial for maintaining emission standards. This comprehensive coverage protects components like the DEF pump, DPF filter assembly, and SCR catalyst, among others. It’s designed for owners who want peace of mind concerning environmental compliance and the complex systems that support it.

More Truck Master Plans Available Upon Request

Silver: Additional Component Package + Bronze

Building on the Bronze coverage, Truck Master also offers the Silver semi-truck warranty, which includes everything in Bronze plus the Additional Component Package (A.C.P.). This expansion covers crucial parts like turbochargers, water pumps, and engine fuel injectors, ensuring that not just the engine, but also other vital performance parts are safeguarded against unexpected failures.

Platinum: Bronze + Silver + Gold + More

The Platinum semi-truck warranty is the most comprehensive plan that Truck Master has to offer, covering all components included in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. Additionally, it provides broader protection against any breakdowns, reimbursing the reasonable costs of repairs or replacements needed for a wide range of parts detailed in the coverage details. This premium option is ideal for those seeking maximum coverage and minimal risk, ensuring nearly every aspect of your used semi-truck is protected under one plan.

Truck Master semi-truck warranty plans are designed to provide escalating levels of protection, allowing owner-operators to select a warranty that best fits their specific requirements and risk preferences. With customizable tiered warranties, you can confidently handle the demands of the road knowing your investment is well-protected.

Optional Coverages and Customization

There is also a range of optional coverages that enhance the standard warranty packages, providing additional protection and peace of mind for all aspects of your semi-truck’s operation.

Transmission and Rear Axle Coverage

Transmission coverage includes all internally lubricated parts of manual or automatic transmissions. This encompasses components like the torque converter, oil pump, valve body, and more. Note that the transmission case is covered only if damage is caused by a failure of a covered part. This plan does not cover wear items such as linings, rotors, and pads, nor failures due to fluid contamination and ABS issues.

Rear axle coverage extends to all internally lubricated parts such as output shafts, bearings, gear sets, and more. Protection includes the drive axle housing but only if it is damaged due to a failed covered part.

Auxiliary Power Unit (A.P.U.) Coverage

This coverage protects all internally lubricated parts of the APU, including the camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, and more. It ensures that the APU remains operational, covering essential components down to the necessary seals, gaskets, and associated taxes required for repairs.

Climate Plus Package

The climate plus package covers critical components that affect your semi-truck’s operational climate control and electrical systems. Included are the alternator, engine air compressor, all elements of the HVAC system, and the starter and starter solenoid. This package ensures that environmental controls and electrical systems are maintained, which is vital for long-haul efficiency and driver comfort.

Towing and Downtime Coverage

Downtime coverage compensates up to $300 per day for a maximum of 5 business days during repairs at a facility, following a covered incident. This coverage caps at $1,500 per occurrence with a maximum of three occurrences during the contract term. Note that this coverage starts on the sixth day after receiving a repair estimate and is not available during the first 30 days of the contract.

Towing coverage offers up to $375 per tow, with one tow allowed every 72 hours, and no more than three tows allowed per 12-month period of the contract. This feature is crucial for minimizing disruptions during unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that your used semi-truck is moved safely to a repair facility.

Maintenance Requirements and Compliance

To keep your semi-truck warranty valid, you are required to perform regular maintenance services as outlined in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Adhering to these guidelines not only ensures that your used semi-truck operates efficiently but also safeguards your warranty coverage.

It is recommended that you retain copies of all maintenance receipts during the term of your vehicle service contract. This documentation is crucial not only for warranty purposes but also for demonstrating to future buyers that the truck has been well-maintained, potentially increasing its market value.

Claims and Support Services

Claim Process

The semi-truck warranty offered by OTS Truck Centers through Truck Master Warranty ensures a seamless and efficient claim process. When you need to make a claim, simply contact your program administrator who will facilitate immediate payment directly to the repair facilities. This prompt response is designed to minimize downtime, ensuring your truck is back on the road as quickly as possible. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, aiming to reduce the stress associated with unexpected repairs.

Support Services

Truck Master Warranty provides toll-free assistance, ensuring you have access to support whenever you need it. Whether you require help understanding your coverage, need assistance with a claim, or have any other warranty-related questions, their dedicated support team is always available to assist you.

Ready to Secure Your Investment?

Understanding the importance of a semi-truck extended warranty is key to making an informed purchasing decision. A semi-truck warranty not only protects your investment but also provides peace of mind by covering unexpected repair costs and ensuring your truck remains operational.

Contact OTS Truck Centers today to explore our inventory and discuss your warranty options. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the best semi-truck warranty plan for your needs, ensuring your used semi-truck is covered comprehensively.

For more detailed information, you can download the semi-truck warranty flyer, which provides an in-depth look at the coverage options and benefits available through Truck Master Warranty.


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