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Truck Warranty Coverage

Drive with Confidence

A row of Peterbilt semi trucks ready to be sold
Mechanic with a clipboard inspecting a semi truck

Meeting the Criteria

Trucks must pass an expert’s certification to meet the criteria for the warranty company to certify the used semi truck and be warrantied. Truck warranties are available for 2008 semi trucks and newer. All eligible trucks have standard 90-day or 12-month warranty options available, and the option to upgrade further.

Mechanic inspecting a Kenworth semi truck

What’s Covered?

Items covered in a standard used semi truck warranty include:

  • Engine Coverage (all internally lubricated parts)
  • Radiator Coverage
  • Fuel Tanks Coverage
  • HVAC Coverage
  • Transmission Coverage (all internally lubricated parts)
  • Rear End Coverage (all internally lubricated parts)
  • Exhaust After Treatment Coverage (over 45 parts including DPF, SCR, one boxes, EGR cooler, dosers, all sensors, and much more)
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Coverage
  • Gap Coverage
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