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Truck Inspection Process

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Employee inspecting a semi truck with a clipboard
Mechanic operating on a semi truck engine

Mechanical Repairs

During our truck inspection process, we inspect each used semi truck in accordance with the FMCSA Annual Vehicle Inspection Report for safe operations and handling to ensure the safe transport of containers, trailers, and other heavy cargo. The FMCSA Annual Vehicle Inspection Report ensures that:

  • A qualified inspector performs vehicle inspection, including over the road test-drive.
  • The used semi truck is in safe operating condition.
  • The following inspection points are met:
    • Brake System
    • Steering Mechanisms
    • Tires and Wheels
    • Fuel and Exhaust System
    • Frame and Suspension
  • The truck is missions compliant.
    • All vehicle emissions systems are present and fully functional before sale.
Peterbilt semi truck inside the paint booth


Each used semi truck is inspected, cleaned, and restored to meet our high internal standards. Our goal with every reconditioning job is to create a truck our customers will be proud to drive off the lot. We conduct cosmetic repairs to the following areas:

  • Bodywork
  • Paint jobs
    • Matching & blending
    • Full paint jobs
  • Chrome polishing
    • Fuel tanks
    • Wheels
  • Full detail inside and out
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